Once in a Blue Moon

Fresh Blog Update. Friday I had the privilege of shooting with 2 good mates. This was a rare opportunity to shoot a Blue Moon rising over the New Brighton Pier here in Christchurch, NZ.

My preference is shooting fast people and fast things and a bit of photojournalism thrown in for good measure so this was massively out of my shooting comfort zone.

Being pushed out of my comfit comfort zone meant learning some new techniques and bouncing ideas off the lads.

Blue Moon you ask? What is this? Does the moon change color? Well here’s two definitions:

  • Blue Moon = The third full Moon in an astronomical season with 4 full Moons (versus the normal 3)
  • Blue Moon = The second full Moon in a month with two full Moons.

Here some of the better shots from the night. I will try to remember to put what settings I was shooting at where possible.


Canon 7D – 70-200mm – 1/20 @ f4.0 – ISO 100


Canon 7D – 24-105mm – 1/25 @ f4.0 – ISO 100


Canon 7D – 70-200mm – 1/50 @ f4.0 – ISO 800


Canon 7D – 70-200mm – 1/100 @ f4.0 – ISO 800


Canon 7D – 70-200mm – 1/15 @ f14.0 – ISO 160


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