No Time Like The Present

So being inspired by a couple of other photographers and their amazing blogs. &!/blog < Check these guys out for some amazing blogs.

I have decided to start my own as I get back my passion and drive for Photography. Tried to start one of these many times before but never had the motivation, time to kick this butt and get into action.

This is going to be a no holds barred 100% honest blog about all things me and my photography

More and More we see on Social Media platforms is a greatest hits / best of highlights for everyone lives, not what is real and what is going on just what you want someone else to see. I’ll put my hand up for doing that as well.

So my commitment to you all that this blog wont be a best of highlight’s package for me.
This blog is about my hopes, dreams, redemption, growth and promises to me and you;

  • I will find my happy in the world.
  • I will not give up my struggle.
  • I will not quit.
  • I will be as honest as I can in this space.
  • I will work on blogging more often.

So here goes 2015 has been a really up and down year, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I have some amazing friends and family that have been here with me every step of the way and belive in me when I don’t, 2 amazing kids that are my world and keep my grounded.

This past few months has been pretty rough having to deal with my dad having Alzheimer’s and on a steady decline still driving and having normal conversations to overnight going to a point where he is now in a secure wing at a rest-home knowing family and sometimes friends but not knowing whats going on around him.
Overnight I lost my biggest mentor, my best mate, my father and someone I have always looked up to for the past 31 years of my life.

So finding my love of Photography again and being inspired by some top sports photographers and wanting to be at that level, has given me my kick to find my happy place behind the camera doing what ever it takes to get that shot.

Heres some shots from the past 6 months of shooting.

RMI_9001 RMI_9069-3

RMI_9077 RMI_7726

RMI_8185RMI_7832 RMI_7890

So that’s the first post done and dusted. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments or messages me on Facebook


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